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Architectural Fees London

Architectural fees

A question we get asked frequently is: “How much do you charge for preparing drawings for planning applications and building control approval?” The answer to this question is: “How long is a piece of string?” Meaning; without knowing exactly what will be required it is impossible to provide costs straight away. So how do you

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RBKC New Basement Policy

RBKC new basement policy

For years we have been designing beautiful spaces for our clients by way of extending and enhancing an existing home to provide new internal spaces for living, entertaining or leisure facilities such as swimming pools or a gym. This was done by the potential of a discretely designed subterranean floor level where you would either

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The importance of Passivhaus

With soaring energy costs, fuel poverty rising each year, a growing population and demand for new homes it is up to policy makers to ensure that the correct methods of construction are adopted to reduce our carbon footprint significantly and provide a brighter sustainable future. The UK government has set a target for zero carbon

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